Jazz at our hotel Der Salzburger Hof!

Michi Brandl_Sabine Linecker_Manfred Wambacher

Take the A train – Jazz Festival in Salzburg

The first edition in 2015 was so successful that the Take the A train – Jazz Festival at Salzburg’s Central Station is entering its second round involving the entire city: beyond the station itself, Salzburg in its entirety becomes a concert stage. During four days, from 15th to 18th of September 2016, there will be no less than 40 performances on 17 stages in all – thus a great opportunity to discover the city of Mozart from a quite different side!

Musical highlights at the Take the A train – Jazz Festival in Salzburg

Ranging from well-established local musicians to internationally renowned jazz bands, the selection offered by this Salzburg music festival could not be more diversified. This applies also to their songs and genres – jazz constitutes an important focus but Take the A train considers itself quite consciously as a cross-over festival. Experts and the curious, dyed-in-the-wool jazz aficionados and friends of experimental sounds are welcome there without distinction.

Take the A train – Jazz Festival at Hotel Der Salzburger Hof

For jazz aficionados and those wanting to join them, our hotel is the perfect venue: during this popular jazz festival, Der Salzburger Hof too converts into a stage for high-class musicians. On Friday, 16th, highly talented students of music will perform selected jazz songs. And on Saturday, 17th, the trio composed of Michi Brandl, Sabine Linecker, and Manfred Wambacher will present an exciting mix of jazz and flamenco, French chansons and Cuban rumba. Enjoy the very special atmosphere of our establishment during Salzburg’s jazz festival and book your desired vacation online right now!