Salzburg Festival – The event of the year in Salzburg!


Salzburg Festival 2016 – the world-renowned festival highlight for classical music and performing arts

From 22nd of July to 31st of August, this year’s Salzburg Festival will take place. And it will, as usual, be a high-scale event, with the best musicians, conductors, and actors worldwide. This makes the festival become, also this year, an absolute highlight in the event calendar both of the city of Mozart and internationally. Be it opera, theater, or concerts: people appreciating high culture will no doubt make a find. And for the little music and theater lovers, a special children and youth program will be scheduled.

From West Side Story to Mozart: program of the Salzburg Festival 2016

Those wanting to find their very special favorite events should take their time: the program is a never-ending chain of highlights. Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame” will be on stage, opera performances range from Mozart to the West Side Story, and there will be concerts given by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, lieder and soloist recitals including modern interpretations.

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